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Furnace Maintenance: Improve Winter Indoor Air Quality And Your Family's Health

30 September 2022       Bookmark and Share

Central Plumbing and Heating, Inc - HVAC Professional

Even if your furnace is in peak condition, preventive furnace maintenance is highly important in addressing any issues before it turns into expensive repairs or replacements. Always remember that nothing matters than a better shaped furnace you have in your home because it will last long. A properly-maintained furnace is essential to protect your indoor air quality and your family’s health.

As the cold season is fast approaching, it is critical to have your annual furnace inspection done by an HVAC professional. The maintenance appointment will check and ensure that your HVAC system is working the way it will be and running smoothly. Filter cleaning or replacement will be done. The air filter will prevent particles and other contaminants from entering your furnace system. It will trap dust, debris and dirt. It is recommended that you change your furnace filters periodically depending on how often you use them. At a minimum, change your filters once every six months. In addition, cleaning the vents and ducts are very important. Most gas furnaces are equipped with a vent to disperse warmed air throughout your home. Cleaning your furnace or heater’s air ducts is also crucial since it will tend to clog over time.

Overall, a properly maintained furnace will provide correct airflow throughout your home. It will be more energy efficient compared to the unit that is not maintained. With furnace maintenance, the technician will ensure that your unit is clean of mildew, dust and other contaminants that will affect your indoor air quality and your family’s health.

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