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Plumbing System Issues To Avoid This Summer

Darren Kincaid - Saturday, March 10, 2018
Central Plumbing and Heating in Chesapeake, VA

The heat of summer across Virginia can send you to the shower a few times a day. It's a hassle when plumbing issues arise, but even more so when you really want water the most. Don’t let this spoil your summertime fun. Before the warm weather arrives make sure your plumbing system is in perfect working order to meet your water needs. Here are plumbing issues that can crop up during summer:

Clogged Shower Drains - Shower drains can't handle large amount of beach sand and dirt. This may result to clogging and pooling of water in the shower. You can remove minor clogs and remove excess hair from the drain cover that could trap debris. But keep the number of your licensed plumber handy just in case the clogging is severe.

Blocked Toilet - Your toilet is more frequently used in summer because the kids are all at home for break. Remind the kids not too much flush toilet paper or items that may cause blockages. A minor blockage can be dealt with a plunger but contact your professional plumbing service in Chesapeake, VA for bigger clogging issues.

Worn Down Washers - Expect additional laundry loads during this season from towels and swim wear. The pile of laundry can sometimes tempt you to overload your washtub to work double time. As much as possible, avoid doing this or you will wear it out. Check the hoses for kinks and leaks before you run it, otherwise you’ll deal with overflowing. To prevent overheating, you can move it away from the wall while it’s running.

Broken Sprinkler Lines - Your lawn mower might have hit and break your sprinkler heads while you tend the grass. Make sure you check your sprinkler heads before faulty sprinklers create huge fountains outside your house. Have a certified plumber fix your sprinklers and repair your broken water lines.

Cluttered Garbage Disposal - With all the frequent outdoor cooking and grilling, additional workload is extended to your garbage disposal. Avoid any rinds or big chunks of food going down the unit and watch out for stray utensils that may accidentally drop inside and break the blades. If your garbage disposal unit suddenly malfunction, have your trusted plumber check and fix it before further damage occurs.

Marjority of plumbing-related problems can be prevented and minor fixes can be done by homeowners themselves. But when major plumbing system repair is necessary, don’t hesitate to contact, Central Heating and Plumbing.

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