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Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Central Plumbing and Heating, Chesapeake, VA

Water within your home in spaces where it is not supposed to be is a real threat. You must deal with the issue as soon as possible as the extent and cost of repair will only increase with time. Turn to Chesapeake’s plumbing experts to get things done right for you. We’ll be there to ensure that you receive guaranteed affordable solutions to your problem.

Call your plumber as soon as you discover water damage emerging from an undefined source. There are situations that require immediate attention from a plumber like the following:

  1. Water Leak – The main cause would be burst pipe that caused water damage such water is leaking.
  2. Leaking roof – will surely bring damage to your property. As such you have to attend to the issues immediately. A roof leak repair depends on whether it is a simple leakage or a leakage of major extent.
  3. Blocked drains - The main causes behind a choked drain are foreign particles. Baby napkins, stacks of toilet paper, cotton balls, etc will cause blockages. Food items, cooking fats and debris of such types leave a residue on the inside of the pipes making it hard for water to flow through the pipe easily. The best way of preventing blocked drains is to make sure that non-biodegradable objects are disposed carefully.
  4. Extreme hot water - If the water coming out of your shower head is hot enough to cause a burn, this is due to the water heater has over-heated. It is better to call a technician to assess the situation at the soonest possible.

The above common scenarios inside your household will help save your home and get you in the right mindset to handle an emergency repair. Nothing beats being prepared to successfully resolve any plumbing problem. Reduce as much damage as possible by calling the trained plumbing experts right away.

For more tips on plumbing services, contact Central Plumbing and Heating.

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